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Our clients say such nice things

We’ve being working with The Bannermen team for a number of years now and have established a strong relationship during this time. For Wieden+Kennedy it is important that the companies we work with are sympathetic to our specific processes; The Bannermen do this well, offering creative input and attention to detail on all projects. Their quick turnarounds and a prompt delivery on projects makes them easy to work with.

Joe, Weiden + Kennedy

Bonus points is that the [TBM] team is ace, smiling and so easy to work with. If you have a banner campaign or have a display question – creative or technical – the Bannermen are your men : ) 

Sohini, AnalogFolk

Working with The Bannerman makes digital easy. They have the right knowledge, ask the right questions, and have the right experience to know what works best. Their offices in London and Canada are also a massive bonus when it comes to meeting tight deadlines, and coping with whatever workload you throw at them!

Gabby, Brooklyn Brothers

I’ve worked with The Bannermen for a few years now and never had a bad experience with them.
They’re reliable, efficient, flexible and have a great eye for detail.

Dom, Weiden + Kennedy

[At The Bannermen]…the turnaround is quick, efficient, and they enable us to work on campaigns in a very fluid and confident manner. Even when timings are impossible, they will find solutions and help turn around the work to high quality.

Sohini, AnalogFolk

They are an extremely professional, organized and talented group. They quickly provide reasonable quotes, thoroughly review all mediaspecs, work patiently with my creative team, and are a pleasure to correspond with.

Megan, Cossette

The Bannermen are an ideal production partner. They are informative, helpful, efficient and the work always looks great. Being scalable in what services they offer is really helpful as each banner project has different requirements, and their vast knowledge makes the whole experience much more enjoyable!

George, Lucky Generals

Working with the Bannermen makes every Display campaign a breeze. Not only do they advise on creatives and feasibility, but they help push creativity where and when possible and the final delivery for one online banner to a hundred banner campaign is always spot on.

Sohini, AnalogFolk

As the name of the company suggests, The Bannermen does exactly what it says on the tin.  And that just about sums the team up. Straightforward, constructive, productive, responsive, supportive…  And all delivered not just with the skillsets and experience expected but with a human touch, sense of humour and willingness to go the extra mile.

San-San, Latitude