Coca-Cola’s #OpenLikeNeverBefore Campaign

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Coca-Cola Advocate for Change

Slashing ad spend during global unrest, such as COVID, isn’t our suggestion for most brands. But, Coca-Cola isn’t “most brands.” They did freeze their ad spend during the height of the COVID-19 crisis, but during that time, they also donated “$120m (£92m) to organisations to support relief efforts.”

Now that they’re back in the advertising game, they’ve teamed up with spoken-word artist George the Poet in their new #OpenLikeNeverBefore campaign, encouraging people to look at our world with new appreciation. Some things may never return to the ‘normal’ way we’re used to—but is that necessarily a bad thing? George doesn’t think so. And neither does Coca-Cola. They advocate for changes to our perspective, our attitudes, and more focus on becoming more empathic people. If we do it right, we may make the world an even better place than it was before.



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