How to Create an Awesome Advertising Pitch Deck

Creative Advertising Pitch Deck

We know you’ve got the skills and experience to land your next client for a digital advertising campaign. But how do you prove that when you’ve only got a few short slides and an hour with a client?

Your advertising pitch deck doesn’t just need to outline what you can do. It will be the touchstone that the client will come back to in order to remind themselves of who you are and what you offer. When you’ve left the meeting and no longer have direct contact with them, your pitch deck will be what they flick through.

It’s not just the next step toward a new campaign, but also your foot in the door for the next meeting – and your next opportunity to sell your services. You need to show in your pitch deck how you can help, and how you can do it better than any other agency.

So – the pressure is on! Where do you start? We’ve got everything you need to include in an advertising campaign pitch deck and, perhaps more importantly, how best to present it.


What should a good advertising campaign pitch deck include?

The first aspect of your digital advertising campaign pitch deck that you need to iron out is a clear vision and value proposition. What value are you bringing to this potential partnership?

Keep it short and sweet, something you could say in a brief moment in the lift or in a tweet. Make sure it’s easy to understand to someone with no idea who you are or what you do.

Next, it’s time to make your clients’ lives easier. What sets you apart from your competitors? Paint your audience a picture of how you can improve their current situation, save them money on their next advertising campaign, and how your digital display advertising ideas bring something new to the table. Whatever your USP is, outline this at the top of our pitch deck.


Dig Deeper

It’s time to illustrate that your agency knows its stuff. First, outline the target market and opportunity for the advertising campaign, showing that you’ve done your research into your client’s ideal audience.

Don’t be afraid to dig into the details as well. Give facts and figures of market sizes, demographics, and whatever relevant information you might use to inform your campaign. The more of an expert you appear, the more likely you will be to impress them.


Present the solution

Finally, you get to dive into describing your campaign ideas for the client. It might be tempting to come in with your thoughts at the beginning, but it’s important to set yourself up as an advertising expert first.

Do your research ahead of time, so you can outline an advertising strategy that is personalised to your prospective client. Your proposal should be tailored to their needs to show that this is not a one-stop solution that you recycle for each pitch deck.

Remember that you’re not just appealing to one audience here, but also to your client’s target market. Whether that’s a specific age group, social group, or sector, explain how you’re targeting them and why you’ve made the decisions you have. It’s essential to show the expertise behind the ideas.


Outline the Practicalities

Now that you’ve shown what you would do, it’s time to demonstrate how you would do it. Clients want to hear how your ideas will make them money and sell their products or services.

For example, you might want to reference past campaigns, demonstrating the impact that your digital marketing ideas can have in a practical business sense. This will offer proof to your potential clients that you’re not just all talk but that your work has proven results.

Finally, close off by discussing your team and what each member brings to the advertising campaign. Highlight how your agency has experts in every aspect of the campaign, ready to put their skills to work for the client.

If you’ve got multiple people attending the pitch, make sure everyone has the space to present what they do. Nothing can make as good an impression as hearing an expert talk passionately about what they’re best at. Plus, it will show your clients who they will be working with, which is often a huge deciding factor when it comes to accepting an advertising pitch.


How to Make a Great Advertising Campaign Pitch Deck

Of course, putting all the information above in one place won’t cut it. A good advertising pitch deck isn’t just about what you put in but also how you present it.

For a smooth, polished look to your deck, be sure to incorporate your brand colours, fonts, and logo into each slide. You can create a seamless look across all your assets by using consistent colours and templates.

Don’t pack too much information into a slide. If you put too much on, it’ll make it hard to read, and all your audience’s attention will be on reading that, rather than listening to what you’re saying.

Ensure the text is legible from a reasonable distance and has enough content to remind them of what you said when reviewing the deck afterwards. Aim for 20 words or less per slide.


Make Your Advertising Pitch Stand Out with Visuals

To help your advertising pitch flow even more easily, include visuals and examples of your creative ideas wherever possible. 80% of people remember what they see, compared to just 10% of what they hear and 20% of what they read. That’s why concrete examples of digital display ads and animated banners could really make a difference.

That’s where the Bannerman can step in to help. We’re here to help you create a single HTML5 animated banner unit for your agency to show alongside your pitch deck. So, you don’t just talk about your ideas or claim you know what you’re talking about; prove it with examples of your creative skills in action.

With a polished example of the final product in your back pocket, you’ll be sure to blow them away at your next pitch!

TBM has created exceptional digital displays for clients just like yours. Contact us today, and let’s get started on your HTML5 banners