The Best Landing Page for your Banner Ad Campaigns

You’ve created a stunning banner ad creative, executed it flawlessly, and are monitoring and optimizing it on a near-daily basis. That’s great! But there still might be something you’re forgetting. Where do your customers go once they’ve clicked on your ad? To your website home page? To the item’s page on your website?

While directing your customers to either of these places makes sense, they aren’t going to yield you the best possible returns on your campaign. The best place for your online campaigns to direct your clients to is a specific landing page for your banner ad campaign. A page that is exclusively dedicated to the offer, product, and messaging of your ad. If you’re wondering how to do this effectively, wonder no longer! We’ve got all the tips on how to create the best landing pages for your banner ad campaign.

So why a landing page, and not just your brand’s website? It’s estimated that more than 50% of the success of your online marketing can come from the efficacy of the landing page for your banner ad campaign. Having a landing page that convinces your customers to cinch the deal has a massive effect on your ROI numbers making it a crucial element to the success of your digital marketing campaign.

There are, of course, an innumerable amount of best practices when it comes to planning and designing a landing page for your banner ad campaign. We’ve compiled the most important and effective tips to create an irresistible landing page for your banner ad campaign.

Tips for Designing a Landing Page for your Banner Ad Campaign

1. Keep the Language Consistent

The language that lives on the landing page for your banner ad campaign needs to remind the customer of the campaign material that piqued their interest enough to click on it. If your digital marketing material was written for a target demographic, focusing on a certain aspect of a product or product offering, the landing page should coordinate and correspond with that so the client feels no disconnect between their initial interest and the chain you’ve set up for them to follow. And make sure to keep the landing page copy clear and concise so your point is easily made, understood, and processed.

2. Keep the Clicks Where They Should Be

When designing a landing page for your banner ad campaign, it’s important to minimize the number of clickable elements on the page. Having no other navigational elements or outward links will make sure that the customer’s attention and valuable clicks stay on your landing page and don’t encourage movement without converting. Equally as important, the CTA button should stand out on the page and easily attract the customer’s attention. The colour should be eye-catching, yet branded, and be complemented by action-oriented copy. Your landing page should only be promoting the product from the digital campaign that the customer has engaged with so as not to overwhelm them.

3. Manners matter

A fully optimized landing page for your banner ad campaign also makes the customer feel appreciated and that they have already, or will soon, receive something of value for their click or conversion. It’s important to acknowledge your customer’s time and appreciate their interest. There are tons of brands, ads, and other things to click on out there—make them glad they chose to interact with yours!

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