Our Founders

The Bannermen’s founding duo thrives on fresh ideas for future initiatives. Luckily, being highly skilled digital display advertisers gives them something they love to do. Between them, they’ve batted for brands like Nike Jordan, O2, Smirnoff and Yahoo, but since they paired up in 2013, more big fish have leapt their way, such as Nike, McDonald’s & Google to name but a few. Did we mention Dan’s team is in London and Ian’s team is in Vancouver? Seems the duo grew… but not apart.

Daniel Butler

As Technical Director, I’m the driving force behind The Bannermen development powerhouse. I’m a digital aficionado, and I want nothing more than to build exciting stuff. I cut my teeth at Agency Republic and Blast Radius, among others, but The Bannermen is where my incisive digital zeal truly thrives. My life before I met up with Ian? I spent it with the British snowboarding team before moving on to film production in The Big Smoke. As a bonus, I won a Cannes Cyberlion and a D&AD yellow pencil despite being Scottish.
+44 (0)797 3368191

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Ian Bowles

As Creative Director, I fire The Bannermen up with its distinctive colour. Digital projects inspire me to push boundaries, and while Agency Republic and Wieden & Kennedy offered me fantastic opportunities, my best work runs on TBM’s unique inventive spark. My life before I met up with Dan? Modelling Jonathon Ross in Green & Black’s miniature bars, plus design for the Gates Foundation. As a bonus, I’m a bicycle enthusiast, ex-courier and I’ve been paid to deliver whale blood samples (albeit not to actual whales).
+1 604 7297443

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