Social Distancing: Global Brands Edition

Social distancing. The new term that’s tossed everyone alike into a world of wide berths and online hangouts.  From the biggest brands to your friends next door, no one is immune to the pandemic the world is experiencing, or the necessary measures to #flattenthecurve. As this new, responsible way of living affects every aspect of our daily lives, some brands are taking it upon themselves to encourage the world to take the necessary steps to practice proper social distancing as loud as they can—by social distancing with their own logos!





Coca Cola





The recent global epidemic certainly is a very serious situation and certainly seeing large brands speak directly to it with their highly coveted and protected logos speaks to just how important it is. Some experts chalk the move up to taking advantage of an easily marketable situation, which is possibly true, but if it gets people to think twice before going out, isn’t that what we need most right now?