Behind the Scenes Secrets of our Explainer Video

What do you get when you combine the sleek, savvy animations of our funky and fearless Creative Director, with everyone’s favourite production agency, and the luxurious voice of a celebrity?!

You get our masterful and artfully composed explainer video!

And though its beautifully slick design takes it pretty far already, what really pushes it over the top is the silky voice of none other than powerhouse Scottish actor, John Kay Steel.

John’s vocal cords boast a strong, flexible voice that demands and holds your attention—so don’t even try to look away! Plus, he’s got a great accent. And if our video makes you think of Hollywood and the Big Screen (we don’t blame you), it may be because John has appeared in some hard-hitting TV dramas, like “Taggart”, and “Murphy’s Law”; he even voiced some of the Scottish crew in the Disney Pixar hit “Brave”!

Besides TBM, John has lent his voice to the likes of Guinness, Asda, MTV, Nivea, The Mirror, McDonald’s, Standard Life, Virgin, as well as numerous documentaries for NCG and Discovery.

So, because we love creating dazzling digital assets (like our explainer video) and because we also love sharing our purpose with new people, we wanted to create something to ‘wow’ you and explain a little bit about who we are. Our explainer video is just a small example of the talent we like to think we’re brimming with and are just waiting to unleash on your digital assets!

It’s our way of introducing ourselves to anyone who is wondering what a production agency is, where they can get their digital assets produced, who The Bannermen are, or even what digital production entails! (And if you’re only in it for John’s dulcet tones, we can’t blame you)

Just like everything else we do, we put our heart and soul into our explainer video so—take a watch or have a listen, and get in touch if you have any questions!

We’re The Bannermen, it’s very nice to meet you.