The Bannermen Website—New and Improved!

If you’ve worked with us before, you know that our animations are meant to inspire and wow users, as well as subvert file size limits. We pride ourselves on our team of crack developers, project managers, and directors who are genuinely invested in creating the best digital display assets for each client that comes through our inbox.

And if you haven’t worked with us before, our website is there to speak for us! Regaling you with tales of beautifully animated digital display units that show just how dedicated of a production agency we are—and the incredible brands we’ve been able to work with. There was just one problem with this plan, our website was old, tired, and woefully surpassed by most others in our field. (Because we were too busy making damn fine digital ads for all you excellent people!)

We knew we needed a website overhaul. But we didn’t know who we could trust with the monumental task of creating a website that would be functional, interesting, engaging, WordPress-based and above all, showcase our expertly designed ad units without taking an eternity to load. It was a tall order to fill!

Lucky for us, the team at Blue Frontier was ready to meet our needs head on. They understood that we needed a website that would properly support and display our work, that our navigation needed to be pared down and clarified, as well as give space to our reems of pertinent industry information. We wanted a website that would not only display our work, but also act as a resource to others searching for information on all things digital display. Especially if we wanted to live up to the ‘specialist’ part of the title ‘digital display specialists’!

Our new site packs all the punches we were looking for—and then some! It’s visually appealing, easy to update, loads lightning fast, and displays all of our work and supporting material with ease. Aided by our utterly capable team of Directors, the Blue Frontier team brought in graphic lines, zig zags, and a bold colour palette that complemented our existing branding perfectly.  When it came time to tie it all together, we ended up with an eye-catching site, packed with some of our best work, and information to help other marketers navigate the world of digital display.

Now, we really can trust our website to speak to the calibre of work and team we’ve got—even to people who don’t know us! So take a look around and if you’ve got questions, you know where to reach us!