The Bannermen’s Best Banners of 2019

the bannermens best banner ads 2019

We’ve found ourselves with a bit of extra time on our hands lately, like most people around the world right now! And so rather than fret about what lurks in the coming months of 2020 (fingers crossed for rainbows and ponies from here on out!), we’ve rounded up a little sneak peek into some of our most treasured and favourite work from 2019. Choosing a favourite banner project is, for us, much akin to choosing a favourite child. But nonetheless, we’ve singled out some that were milestones in their own right in our year of 2019 (AKA a simpler time). So enjoy (some of) what we think were our best banners of 2019!

Our Best Banners of 2019


These units hold a special place in our hearts as they were a local job here in BC. They also came in as a rush project which was a great challenge for our team of keen developers. We were especially amped to get into the stop-motion feel in HTML they wanted to match from their social videos. Calibrating each individual asset’s place in the unit at just the right times took some patience. But we got to the exact place the client wanted in the end!

Johnnie Walker Origins

These units speak volumes for themselves. Their snappy animation, paired with the killer brand photography of Johnnie Walker made for such perfect banners. We used a lot of rotations and 3D effects to get these turning on the perfect beat.

British Red Cross

Utilizing a visual timeline in a banner ad was no easy feat! Finding the perfect balance between the panning animation and the red line was a tedious balance to strike. But our developers tinkered until the perfect pan and line animation was reached!

Under Armour

Talk about a rush! Most banners are image-based of course but Under Armour took image-based banners to entirely new heights with these rich and textured visuals. Filled with numerous shots of their image, they mirror the name of the product, HOVR, with the animation in the unit for a completely cohesive advertising experience.

Tourism Australia Flight Center

This campaign had all the makings of a groundbreaking one—until the utterly tragic wildfires overtook much of Australia. Now rather than simply a groundbreaking campaign, Tourism Australia has created a campaign that speaks to the resilience, persistence, and reconstruction of one of the most beautiful places in the world. Paired with stunning photography, popular Australia-isms, and parallax animation, these units showcase Australia in all of its stunning glory.


Animations that mimic familiar features of some of our most used programs are hard to pull off as the differences from real life can be too easy to spot and undermine the entire creative. These GSuite banners that we were tasked to do needed our developers to recreate such simple actions such as highlighting and deleting text, collaborating on a file, or working on something offline. Our developers animated each cursor and action to give these units the most realistic look and feel they possibly could. We think they’ve out done themselves!

Air Bnb

Showcasing all of the stunning properties around the world on AirBnB was such a treat. Starting off with one eye-catching image, and then a social media-like scroll animation. This allows the banners to show the countless other properties that are equally stunning.


Based around the term phenomenal, these units were just that! Making creative use of a slate in their units, our direction was to animate these units with zooms and hard cuts to give the viewer a behind-the-scenes feel as they explored the new Ford Escape. Working with tight file size, lots of assets, and specific animation notes, our developers were able to create just the units the client was hoping for!


This isn’t your ordinary paint banner! We worked to come up with the most creative solutions for this client. The client’s desire was to show the paint in the ad, in a natural setting you’d use it in real life. Utilizing leaves and drips of water, our developers timed every asset so it faded and transitioned at the perfect time. The intent was to illustrate the idea for the consumer that Cuprinol not only flourishes in outdoor settings, but is also weather resistant. Large copy, simple messaging and illustrative animation elements, we’re hooked.

(You can always see more work we’re especially proud of here!)


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