The Benefits of Banner Ads: A Condensed Guide

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As it seems to go every few months, we get an influx of people who haven’t used HTML5 ads before (or for a good while) wondering why they should use them, how they’ll help shape a digital campaign, and how the technology has progressed in the world of banner ads. While this is a question we love coming across, it’s a pretty major answer that encompasses a whole lot of stats, studies, pros, and a lot of other information that might be a bit overwhelming heaped on at once. And so, to plant some banner seeds in your brains, we’ve narrowed down our plethora of information to give you (just a few of!) the benefits of banner ads and why they can work for you.

Firstly, the underlying knowledge about banners is they are likely created with HTML5, which is the most recent version of the markup language that creates the structure to present content on the internet. The major benefits of banner ads with HTML5 is the freedom to create exactly the customer experience you’d like with your banner. Nearly anything you’ve done on your website, or other digital assets, can be utilized or recreated in your banner ads, which all but eliminates any disconnect in your messaging or branding between elements or mediums. HTML5 is a major point in nearly all of the pros when considering the benefits of banner ads as it allows them to be lightweight and flexible, while still being able to hold almost all the animation you can pack into your file size restrictions. In short, HTML5 makes the possibilities of banner ads limitless!

(A few) Stats and Facts that Prove Banners are a Worthy Medium

  • Digital banner ads that have more personalization, sophistication, and relevance to a user to actually enhance their experience, rather than disrupt it. Additionally, there are studies that show rich media banners actually increase brand engagement by 1000%.
  • Studies have found that HTML5 banners utilizing rich media gained a CTR of 267% higher than other digital ad formats (such as GIFs or static images).
  • The percentage of in-screen impressions for rich media banners was higher than for any other format—66.0%.
  • Banner ads allow you to animate your products without using video, which means you’ll have a streamlined ad that doesn’t sacrifice performance for eye-catching aesthetic.
  • Publishers prefer HTML5 ads because of their stability, versatility, and low file size.
  • HTML5 allows your creatives to be responsive on any device, which translates to more eyes on your brand and your creatives!
  • Google’s Android Wear banner ad campaign reported increases of 15.8% and 9.4% in brand recall and intent from the banners alone!
  • Animated banners are so unique, that “49% of marketers agree that rich media content is crucial in gaining their audiences’ attention.”
  • These appropriately placed banner ads allow brands to “reach new customers [and] build positive perceptions” with customers who may be familiar with their brand – causing a positive ripple-effect back to the brand’s bottom line.

And isn’t that the whole point of this!? Whether you’re thinking of a banner ad with an elegant fade transition, a full out animated unit, or an interactive masterpiece, banner ads are going to werk for you. We promise!