The Best Banners of the Year with Team TBM

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It’s that time of year again! Time to reminisce and look back at all the projects we’ve been fortunate enough to be a part of. These projects utilized the technology, pushed our coding skills, and stretched us to the brink but, we’ve got to say, it’s completely worth it when you’ve got so many beautiful banners gathered together. So gather round! We’re dishing on the projects that we loved, challenged us, and were otherwise super cool—AKA the best banners of the year. To be clear: this is only the smallest percentage of projects we’ve been lucky enough to be involved in, so by no means is this an exhaustive list of even our coolest stuff. We really do love each project, just the same! 


The Best Banners of the Year


The CPA’s of British Columbia were on a mission this year: to show just how interesting and in-demand a career in professional accounting is. And boy, did they deliver! Doused in colour, cheeky copy, and so much animation, we thought we were dreaming when we got these briefs! We hand animated every single asset in 5 Headlines, across five sizes. Can you guess which build had nearly 100 assets? Oh and, we did these on suuuper tight deadlines—just another crazy day on team TBM! 


Let us tell you—these units were something else! Google had some lofty goals of packing near-rich animation into standard units running over A/B variant copies and 3 languages. Using sprite sheets alongside our usual animation mix, we could cram all of the visual integrity, movement, and copy that Google desired into only 150KB. We created nearly 300 units in three languages with the perfect animation level, packed file size, and a lot of fun! It’s no wonder these were some of the best banners of the year, in our humble opinion. 


These Marriott builds were a winner, if not only for the incredible imagery we got to work with. Add on their intricate and delicate line animations, and we were hooked. We created these lines with DrawSVG so that they’re stable in all situations a viewer might come across them. Our other challenge in this project was cropping the images at the best place to show off the properties based on the ad layout. In the end, you get a little tour of all the incredible places you can go with Marriott around the globe.


These baby wipes placements may seem relatively simple at first, but their beauty lies beneath the surface. To celebrate the release of their eco-friendly wipes, Pura featured several babies with disabilities. Lenny is one of two babies from the initial campaign line up that starred in the digital versions of their ‘It’s time for a change’ campaign. The little tykes even landed in the DailyMail! We were so thrilled and touched that some of the best banners of the year were part of a campaign focused on eco-friendly products and portrayed diversity. Way to go, Pura!


These hot lil’ units came right on the heels of their OOH campaign. The goal here was to make these match their other placements as possible while giving them a unique digital display feel that would set them slightly apart. As their DOOH units didn’t come out in the same sizes that we needed for their HTML5 campaign, we could even flex our design skills on this project! We re-created the super-quick transitions in the logo using pure code! Leveraging layering and some tricks of the trace to get the perfect flicker, we created the ideal level of parallax and motion into these images.

My Core

The world can be a crazy place sometimes. The folks over at Control Risks are trying to minimize, or at least allow you to closely monitor, your assets based on current events and any significant incidents that could affect them. We worked with them on a series of heavily animated units showing the various warning levels and animated maps to promote their app. To simulate the feel of their app, we animated every element on the phone screen individually. We wanted to have these units juxtapose the worry and stress of global incidents with the security a firm can bring. To do this, we used a rumble effect on the copy and assets that were in danger, and then a calming, strong stamp and draw in for the other copy.

Angelo Poretti

Who doesn’t like to have a cold one at the end of a hard day/week? The fun thing about these units was the animation level involved in all formats, regardless of the size. To show just how many flavours Angelo Poretti pairs well with, we were tasked to take each ingredient and have them animate into frame ending up in a pyramid-eqsue shape. We loved playing with motion paths and weighting each animation perfectly for each size in their digital campaign.

Home Office PBIS

The UK has a lot of changes coming. We’ve been thrilled to help get the word out about what exactly is changing, how people and businesses can be prepared to meet those changes, and be informed by appropriate resources.  Not only that, these little guys are rife with the sort of intricate animations we live for. From the animated computer graphics to the steaming cup of tea, to the hopeful grads with their tassels swinging, all those elements were animated separately, by hand. What a life! Informative and some of the best banners of the year—that’s a pretty big win in our books!