The Importance of a Brand’s Tone of Voice

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Unprecedented is the term that people use to describe the state of the world lately. It has become essential that brands who are putting messages into the world do so with an appropriate tone of voice for their audience.

Nearly anyone who’s worked in advertising can attest to the importance of tone of voice. Lately, recent world events have highlighted the importance of the tone of voice in brand messaging. Oddly enough, tone has been an often-overlooked aspect of branding and brand guidelines. Rather than solidifying a brand voice, some companies instead default to blog posts, website content, and of course, pages of brand guidelines as a general guide and reference for their brand tone. While these are all helpful tools, none of these genuinely make up for having a real, recognizable brand voice.


What does a solid tone of voice achieve for brands?

According to SEMRush:

– 65% of customers say that a relatable and reliable voice makes them feel emotionally connected and that the brand cares for them

– 64% of customers think it builds trust with a brand

– 23% is the average revenue increase when a brand is presented consistently and favourably to its audience


Start to Develop your Brand Voice

Of course, no law demands your brand has a cemented tone of voice, and many brands have run successful campaigns without a solidified brand voice. But there remains the fact that a wishy-washy tone of voice can at worst, seem out of touch and land brands in a world of PR trouble, and at the very least, make a brand’s voice seem disappointingly broad, plain and not worth connecting to.

The Drum suggests before any marketing campaign or any branded assets be published, some variance of these questions are posed first:

  • Who are [we]?
  • Who are [we] communicating with?
  • What are [we] looking to achieve?
  • How will [we] go about doing it?
  • How can the way [we] use our voice support that outcome?
  • Are [we] convincing?


While visual presentation of a brand might be what initially attracts a customer’s eye, it is the tone of voice, the trust, the connection, and the authenticity on which the customer will ultimately build their brand—or not. A reliable voice is the mark of a strong brand. It is listened to and trusted. It lets customers know what it stands for and what it stands against. A reliable voice shows social connection and awareness, a desire to connect with the customer and paves the way for the customer to link back.

An accurate, trusted and dependable tone of voice speaks of better and more reliable brands and companies with which customers feel safe. And will continue to support. Trust us—you want to be that brand. 


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