The Secret to our Portable Working Process—and how it can help your team

We get asked “when can The Bannermen team jump in on this project?” allllll the time.
And our answer is, whenever you’ll have us! Even without a global crisis such as the one we are currently in the midst of, things come up, teams get jammed, but deadlines don’t move and that leaves you scrambling. While we are by label a digital production agency, at heart we are advertising veterans and that means, we’re game for tight deadlines, creative briefs, and getting things to the client on time, every time. And we’ve got a secret ingredient: a fail-safe, portable working process!

We can come into your digital display campaign process anywhere along the line; from conception to last minute, down to the wire execution—and nearly every point in between. Part of our service offering is free consultations so if you find yourself in a jam with an extensive media plan, specs that don’t quite add up, or any question regarding your digital campaign, we’re happy to advise to make sure your project starts on the best foot possible.

Here are some of the major process points we’ve come in and helped other clients:

  • As Consultants: We can help determine what is feasible in your banners, keeping in mind the existing media buy, file size, and other boundaries that may exist. We are happy to take placeholder files and do a file size test so you can know what you’re going to be able to get into your file size limit before it’s too late.
  • As Designers: Our team can take any brand assets and collateral and put together storyboards that show a range of layout options and animation possibilities. We can take into consideration your TV spots, print pieces, and any other campaign collateral to keep your banners on brand and cohesive to the rest of the campaign. Here we apply our stockpile of banner know-how to make your digital ads pop in real-world settings. We’ve even been known to supply a line of copy or two!
  • As Developers: This is where our team shines excessively. We can do so much animation in shockingly small file size, it may just knock your socks off. Armed with all sorts of wizardry to shoehorn as many assets as possible into your banner ads, we can make sure that each asset maintains the desired visual integrity and clarity. We can develop animation to specific brand-guided storyboards, or we can give animation examples based on your approved designs. From pans and fades to intricate and individual animations, our team can do it all.

If your team is struggling to keep up with digital demands because of the current COVID-19 crisis, or for any other reason, we’re able and willing to jump in on any project, in any place you need us.

We also have teams in London, UK and Vancouver, Canada so we’re able to work nearly around the clock.
But, how?!

Our portable working process makes it all possible.

We’ve got stellar teams on either side of the pond, it’s true. And any client of The Bannermen has access to the genius of both of them. We’re able to seamlessly handle our clients between the two teams thanks to our tried, tested, and true Bannermen portable working process.

Every morning, the Vancouver office has a handover call with the UK office that details client work needing to be done, special project updates, and any other business info that needs to be relayed. The Vancouver team then distributes the required work for the day and carefully tracks everything that is done, still outstanding, or that needs to be flagged. This information then goes to the UK team in a handover email for them to read the next morning with all the relevant info and completed work for them to send to their clients and continue with the Vancouver team’s work if necessary.

Our files are all stored using the Dropbox system which means that any Bannermen at any time can access any necessary working files and the rest of the team can see, share, and alter them as well. Dropbox’s selective sync feature allows us to sync and unsync relevant projects, files, and other assets to and from our machines depending on the space available on each of our machines and the projects we’re all working on.

Our portable working process means we’re ready to join in wherever your project is and help you get it to exactly where it needs to be. Tag us in!