Top class agencies we work with: 360i

As a cutting-edge digital production house, we are always excited to work with other cutting-edge digital agencies because we all speak the same language: English. What? Never mind. The point is 360i are an international powerhouse founded in 1998 and expanding ever since. A business that runs the gambit from creative to strategy to media and search, these multivariate multitaskers are the pinnacle of multi-ness, which isn’t really a thing, but we are going to try to make it (‘multi-ness’) happen. And if anyone can make a new, made up word “happen” – it’s these guys because they are so damned cool. With a client lists like Absolut, Ben & Jerry’s, Cannon, Coca-Cola and Nestle we would forgive you if you thought that these guys ARE the only thing that’s happening.

In 2013, 360i was awarded the Best Digital Agency by The Mashies, which begs the question: what is a Mashie and where do we get one? They have also been the proud recipient of 18 Cannes Lions (don’t worry guys, we’ve got one of those lying around somewhere) and plenty of other prestigious awards too numerous to name.