Case study on a happy client: Amazon

Amazon needs no introduction in the digital universe. They have become an internet goods conglomerate, stocking nearly everything one could ever need or want. Though they’ve reached rockstar status, their brand has stayed close to their core values: innovation, supporting small businesses, job creation, community, sustainability, and investment. It is these core values that we have to keep in mind whenever we’re contributing to their digital presence. We were able to help them introduce a few of their choice products and increase public knowledge of their promotional offers. With a brand that has such a massive presence and product offering, the trick is to promote the product while not making the viewers work too hard to find out that the product is available on Amazon.

They are also famous for their affordable price-points on their products, so with their ads, it’s important that they are built to scale to hundreds of units, on every and any device. This allows the message to reach the maximum amount of people. In these instances, it’s of vital importance that the ads maintain the Amazon look and feel, while still keeping the core values of Amazon and their customer in mind.