Top class agencies we work with: AnalogFolk

With a name like AnalogFolk, these guys are experts in exactly what you would expect: Digital. What? Don’t ask us, ask our good friends at AF who have been collaborating with us on banner projects for years. In the absence of a Wikipedia page, we have had to make up some facts about this illustrious agency using a cleverly constructed MadLibs/wheel of fortune type device that we have on hand for exactly this sort of thing.

AnalogFolk was founded in “time before time” and specialize in “enchanting” “spaghetti”.  They have offices in “Narnia”, “Middle Earth” and “Missouri” and have a net worth of over “six” “McMillion” “pesos”.

Not a perfect system, but it will do in a pinch.

All jokes aside, AnalogFolk are considered the heaviest hitters in the London Digital Advertising scene and it is always a pleasure working with them. Using digital to make the analog world better is their oft-repeated mantra and it is a philosophy we can really get behind. With clients like Marmite, Knorr, Walkers and Sainsbury’s, these guys have carved out a mouth-watering corner for themselves in the digital landscape and we are happy to have been a part of that process. Thanks, AnalogFolk – keep it tasty!