Top class agencies we work with: BETC

Another day, another acronym! But being from France, you can bet this acronym is French and thus appreciates stinky cheese and a good red wine (mais oui!). The Wikipedia page for this agency lets us know that BETC stands for Babinet Erra Tong Cuong but we would prefer to think that BETC stands for whatever the French is for “Damned Fine, Talented Group of Great People”.

Before I go on, I’d like to point out that unlike some of the other amazing agencies we work with (*cough* M&C Saatchi*, *cough* FCB Inferno*) the BETC Wikipedia page is error free and therefore the first ever recipient of the completely imaginary TBM Wikipedia Page of Distinction Award. More than that, BETC is made up of over 900 people and has offices in Paris, Brazil, USA, Asia and Shoreditch in London.  Speaking of Shoreditch, ?! But we digress. With clients like Air France, Evian and Canal+, these guys are keeping the Frantastic (not a word) in France and the Shoredarifique in Shoreditch (admittedly, we’re not great at this) and we are so happy to be helping them out along the way.