Case Study on a happy client: BMW

From the suburban everyday driver to the metro-dwelling auto-aficionados of the world, a BMW signifies esteem and prestige. Since its start in 1916, BMW has built and honed a reputation as a leader of the auto industry, combining the latest technologies with top-notch production lines. The fascination around the BMW name spans from the products they offer now to the inventors, designers, and pioneers that made the company what it is today—a world-renowned brand.

BMW ads are glossy, captivating, inviting, and dangerously alluring. Their ads showcase their products from the grandest of bird’s eye aerial views to the individual stitches in the ultra-luxurious seats. If rocks were details, BMW ads leave no rock unturned. The only thing they leave out of their ads is the feeling of driving one.

And that’s where we come in! We live to help BMW display their beautiful cars to their customer and create a way for their customer to find their way to the exact product from BMW they’re looking for.

Always looking to capture attention and generate new demand, BMW uses a beautifully diverse digital marketing plan. From highlighting their newest, gleaming model fit for the next Bond hero, to illustrating the versatility of their products in the ever-changing lives of their customers—be it a new job, family addition, or relocation; BMW makes their customers and their lives the forefront of their brand. After all, what’s a car without a driver!?

Technically speaking, their ads check all the boxes. Their text to image ratio is always perfect, their images high quality and their logos are always there—making sure you know who is behind the images that zoom in and out of your subconscious. From simple fade animations to more massive undertakings of interactive units that glitter and glow, we are always at the ready to heed whenever BMW calls. Because more often than not, it’s going to be a speed show!