Case study on a happy client: Cancer Research UK

Cancer Research UK has been very vigilant regarding their cancer strategy. Not only do they raise money for research on this horrific disease, but they also help develop evidence-based policies to help inform cancer-related government decisions. They also make the most recent cancer news, tests, treatments, and updates available to the public or members of the press in order to fully educate society on the facts of this illness, and how to best combat it.

Their dream is a world without cancer. And as millions of people have had their life impacted by this sickness, we wanted to do everything we could to help bring them even a little closer to that reality. These ads were full of gumption and we were only too happy to help bring them to life. They had to be tough, striking, attention-grabbing, inspirational, and make people want to take up their bicycles in protest. Helping promote something for such a great cause was truly humbling for us.

We’ve helped Cancer Research UK (CRUK) develop a myriad of ads calling for everything from fundraising activities to encouraging participation in CRUK events. In the Race for Life ads, we were able to help CRUK get the word out about their upcoming marathon, utilizing some animated footprints across the screen. This client always challenges us to create what they are looking for in very small file sizes – and we are always able to achieve it!