Top class agencies we work with: DigitasLBi

Once upon a time, our esteemed founders were cogs in the London Advertising Machine. As lowly developers and designers, the early Bannermen really knew their way around the advertising office and the Friday drink cart! When Ian and Dan returned to London with the idea of The Bannermen under their hats, the relationships formed around the Friday drink cart might have helped get them through the door at DigitasLBi.

With headquarters in Amsterdam (the Netherlands), DigitasLBi has 32 offices in 17 countries and a staff of approximately 2,000. This collaborative team is specialized in digital marketing services which makes them the perfect fit for The Bannermen expertise. With global clients like Audi, Under Armour, and Skoda, DigitasLBi is really pushing the boundaries of digital marketing in all its forms. Since the work-life balance of their team members is a strong component of their creative prowess, it was no surprise that our 5pm-midnight Canadian team was very appreciated their London offices.