Case study on a happy client: Disney

Wherever there’s Disney there’s magic. So, it almost goes without saying that Disney digital display ads will have some magic of their own. One of our favourite recent Disney ads is the unit they produced to promote their cruise line. There are so many things to love about this unit! Take the background, for example. Unlike other ads that opt for a block of colour, these Disney banners instead used a textured, high-resolution image as a background. This simple decision added a lushness, depth and quality to the units that would otherwise be missing with a flat background. Carrying on the premium feel and depth of the background, the porthole is actually produced by layering the porthole image on top of a different image of the landscape. This way, the porthole and the landscape can be moved at different speeds, producing the illusion of depth and the feeling of looking outwards from inside the Disney cruise ship. Finally, speaking of magic, the subtle glimmer of the stars appearing on each frame might look simple, however, to produce such a premium look the developers needed to code a custom particle effect that would move the stars individually to give the impression of stardust!  Overall, this unit appeals to adults who appreciate quality and those are just the kinds of people that Disney would like to attract to their cruises.

Another way that Disney spreads magic in their banners is by leveraging the rich imagery that they have available across their wide range of animated films. In their ads promoting the Disney Florida Resort, for example, Disney made use of the popular Mike character from the Monsters Inc franchise. The clever simplicity of this ad is the realistic portrayal of the Mike character. Instead of using HTML and CSS to animate the character in the first scene, a sprite sheet is used and pulled across the screen at the same frame rate that Mike would animate in the big screen. This allows subtle animations such as the eyelid blinking and the dilating pupil to appear to the viewer in the exact same way Mike would animate in the motion pictures. To save on file size, however, the second “Mike Scene” is animated with layered PNGs and CSS animation libraries. Combined, the user is reminded of all the fond memories of the Monster’s Inc franchise and easily applies those same feelings to the Disney Florida Resort. If that’s not a little bit of Disney magic, we don’t know what is.