Top class agencies we work with: FCB Inferno

FCB is a coffee shop just outside the Blackfriars station in London. More importantly and in no way related (confusingly), Foote, Cone & Belding, a.k.a. FCB, is one of the largest global advertising agency networks in existence. FCB (the agency, not the coffee shop) is owned by Interpublic Group and was merged in 2006 with Draft Worldwide, adopting the name Draftfcb. In 2014 the company rebranded itself as FCB. The Interpublic Group is one of the big four agency holding conglomerates, the others being Publicis, WPP, and Omnicom.

With a hugely diverse client list including BMW, Holland & Barrett, Huawei and Nivea, FCB Inferno really knows their stuff. The Wikipedia page for FCB warns that the article is written too much like an advertisement and urges me to improve it by adding encyclopedic content written from a neutral point of view, but how could I?! Bringing home no less than 47 Cannes Lions in 2016 alone, it’s hard to be neutral about how awesome these guys are! Their team of cracking experts and professionals makes them an absolute pleasure to work with whenever their projects come through the door. Their digital team is always pushing the boundary of the medium and we don’t mind saying that the most cutting-edge banners we build are always coming from their team. Above all, the media agnosticism that they practice means they can seamlessly integrate great banner ads in the larger advertising landscape and we love them for this. You go, FCB Inferno! Keep up the good work!