Case study on a happy client: Gatorade

Action, sweat and sports are all things that come to mind when you think of Gatorade. Which is fitting because that’s exactly what Gatorade was born from! In 1965, the assistant coach of The Gators, the University of Florida’s football team, gathered some university doctors to investigate why his players were being so heavily affected by heat-related illnesses. What they discovered was that the heat was zapping the players of fluids and carbohydrates that were not being replenished. Seeking a solution, they took their findings to their lab and devised a drink that would replenish everything in the lost carbohydrates and electrolytes of their players, calling their drink “Gatorade.” Soon after, it was adopted by the Kansas City team, and not too long after that, Gatorade became the official sports drink of the NFL.


Most people would think that Gatorade’s career is a lot shorter than its 45 years. That’s in part due to Gatorade’s ability to reinvent itself, constantly changing with the times and always staying relevant – all while maintaining their athlete-saving, core drink recipe. Now, their product offerings have grown much larger than only one sports drink, but the core concern of Gatorade remains the same: the health and safety of the world’s pro and amateur athletes. Gatorade ads are some of our favourites to work on. They have such clear, consistent branding with messaging that almost transcends the need for copy. The use of their G, lightning bolt, and trademark orange makes them a master at the art of branding. The banners we have created for them have only taken their brilliant assets and enhanced them, making them fit a big space on a desktop screen, or scaling it down to reach mobile users.