Case study on a happy client: Google

Google is basically why the internet exists the way it does. So when we were able to contribute to a project with them, it was a dream come true. Google partnered with a British filmmaker, Ridley Scott, and an Indian filmmaker, Anurag Kashyap to portray 24 hours in the life thousands of strangers living in India.

Once filmed, Scott and Kashyap would present their film, giving the world an in-depth look into a day in the seventh largest country in the world. These filmmakers are masters of their craft and widely celebrated. They used their astounding reputation and abilities to paint an undeniably beautiful picture of a day in the life of India. Projects like this that bring people of the world together, no matter their proximity, are of the utmost importance. Encouraging people to take part and watch things that will expand their minds, understanding, and acceptance of other cultures and lifestyles will allow us to move toward a more unified and safer world. Expanding our empathy for one another is something that doesn’t happen often enough. But every time it does, like in this campaign, it makes our world a little richer.

We at TBM, with a team split over two countries, were so privileged to be able to help this take place. Using simple animations on the beautiful imagery, we were able to convey the message of this important campaign. Using fading copy and colourful images with the slightest bit of movement, we were able to highlight the stunning landscapes and pique interest the project as a whole. While the animation of the placements was relatively simple, it had just the right amount of movement to draw the user’s eye. Initially, the expanding line brought in the copy in an impactful way, followed by a steady scale on all frames. This allowed the imagery and messaging to speak for itself. Sometimes less is more.