Case study on a happy client: Huawei

We know we have some uber awesome clients—but this one is one in the highest echelons of awesome. Huawei a global provider of information and communication technologies.  Although they rose to fame in China at first, their global brand awareness is creeping up the ranks and closing in on 90%! So if you don’t know about Huawei now, you will soon (as soon as you read this!). In the meantime, let us give you a little crash course regarding this tech giant.

Their products are eagerly anticipated around the world with their unparalleled technology, superior cameras, and flawless interfaces. In fact, their new Mate 20 series garnered the most attention and was the brand’s biggest launch to date. And it just so happens we helped out with some of the display advertising for it! You can read all about it on Wavemaker here.

Huawei does everything with one goal in mind: to bring the world to a higher intelligence—which is something we can totally get on board with. And that’s why we absolutely love it when our techy friends come knocking on our door for some banners that are going to justly portray their globally renowned brand and hot new product.

Huawei focuses on their customer’s needs and invests in research resulting in breakthroughs that drive the world in a positive direction. Founded in 1987, Huawei is a private company owned by its over 180,00 employees. But if you think that’s impressive, wait til you hear this: they’re responsible for connecting over one-third of the world’s population—all the way from Mt. Everest to the Arctic Circle! That’s a true story, btw.  Lauding connections and devices that are stable, reliable, and secure, Huawei’s technologies are oft the bridges that connect different sides of the digital divide.

They’ve succeeded in the technology industry for so long due to their unwavering focus and adherence to their core business values: staying customer-centric, inspiring dedication, persevering, and growing by reflection.

With their digital display ads, Huawei is just as focused and specific as in their daily operations. They want units that showcase their product in all of its technological and highly anticipated glory! Utilizing the same practical approach that has brought them this far, their efforts when creating digital display are always concentrated on communicating with the customer. Whether showcasing an aspect of a device, announcing a new product, or showing the various styles and colours of one of their phones, we love the perfection that Huawei pursues in all of their digital banner ads!