Case study on a happy client: Johnsons

For 125 years, Johnson’s mission has been to create the gentlest baby products in the world. They live and operate by the mantra of ‘gentle.’ From their products to their company philosophy, the care of any baby at any age can be done with the gentlest of products. They carry the concept of gentle through to their treatment of their co-workers, clients, and the environment. To them, gentility brings safety, laughter, happiness, and confidence. Such a beautiful philosophy is one that we love being able to help take into the world. TBM have been fortunate enough to contribute to Johnson’s baby products for various campaigns and promotions. They never fail to have messaging that is both encouraging to new parents, almost-parents, and veteran parents, all while reassuring them of the care that is put into their baby products. Meant to inform and encourage, rather than overwhelm, Johnson’s makes sure to take their company values right into their ad messaging. We love working with Johnson’s for the effort and care they put into each asset of their marketing campaigns. Plus, who doesn’t love a bunch of cute babies?! When Johnson’s wanted to start a new campaign spread out over multiple Tesco and SuperDrug locations across the nation, they called TBM to unroll a classic dynamic campaign using Flashtalking.

Flashtalking is a data-driven ad management platform meant to run and facilitate dynamic campaigns. It allows the advertiser to personalize advertisements in real-time and optimize their campaigns to have the best possible engagement and ROI. It allows the advertiser to combine various lines of copy, imagery, call-to-actions, and other ad variables to speak exclusively to each audience segment. We helped Johnson’s run hundreds of ads across desktop and mobile that generated thousands of impressions from their targeted audiences and spoke to all different stages of their baby’s growth. Their 4-5 frame ads dynamically pulled in multiple packshots, copy routes, CTAs, and baby images – resulting in an infinite combination of ads to speak to a nation of people in multiple unique ways.