Top class agencies we work with: Leo Burnett

When you work with the agency that created the Marlboro man, you know you are playing in the big leagues. Founded in Chicago, 1935, Leo Burnett broke into the top 10 U.S. agencies with billings of $46 million in 1953! That’s right, Leo Burnett was a top 10 U.S. agency 60 years before The Bannermen got into the banner business. From there, it was full steam ahead for the agency who is still one of the top ten US advertising agencies in existence – with revenue well over 300 million!

With a history like that, you’ve got to think that the agency knows what they are doing, and you’d be right. While they are most known for their activities on the other side of the pond (America), Leo Burnett runs a tight ship right here in our native London. Their London office is driven by a strong culture of openness and collaboration, which always makes them a great team to work with. With clients like McDonald’s, Kellogg’s and GHD, these guys have more than hit their stride. Their commitment to creative excellence always makes this agency and their projects a big hit around our office. We understand that when you are playing in the big leagues, perfection is a way of life. Creating stunning units at low costs, with code robust enough to last for years is the name of the banner game with these guys. It’s a testament to the timelessness of their design and the quality of our product that some of the units we have produced in collaborations with Leo Burnett are still live many years later. Here’s to many more years!