Case study on a happy client: Marriott UK

Marriott has over 6,500 properties in 127 countries and territories. Under the guidance of family leadership for over 90 years, since its establishment, Marriott has set itself apart in the hospitality industry as a trusted place to book accommodations. We’ve helped Marriott Hotels advertise a lot of their booking, location, and time of year specials. Messaging is front and center of these ads. In order to convey the copy in a way that can be absorbed by the audience, we keep their message at the forefront of our minds when designing and animating their units. We incorporate subtle slide-ins and fades for copy that are timed so that it can be read quickly (but not too quick!) and still get the point across. Helping the Marriott maintain its reputation as a safe, reliable, and trustworthy option for travellers in a foreign country demands that we handle their campaigns with absolute respect.

The Marriott ads have undergone an evolution since the first designs that we created for them. They’ve migrated to a much simpler, straightforward design in recent years. And best of all? Their new banners follow all of our suggestions for best banner practices! They’ve begun to incorporate some nice, sophisticated motion, often making use of sprite sheets and their smaller file sizes. They’ve added some 3D buttons and made use of bigger, bolder fonts, as well as cleaner and shorter copy. Overall, new ads for the Marriott showcase quieter imagery, with refined animation and details.