Case study on a happy client: Natwest

Born of a partnership of two banks in 1968, NatWest has over 185 years of banking history behind it. Now, 50 years after the initial merger, NatWest has over 3600 branches with a range of new services they couldn’t previously offer such as credit cards, home loans, personal loans, and online and telephone banking. Recently, NatWest became part of The Royal Bank of Scotland Group in one of the biggest buyouts in British banking history. We love working with financial brands as their attention to detail, wording, and the overall campaign is unparalleled.


Their main goal with every piece of marketing material is to prove their reliability to those who already trust them with their money and those who might be looking for a new place to bank. Finances is an extremely personal business. Trust, respect, security, and reliability is the main concern for the customer – and NatWest. We’ve helped NatWest on a myriad of their campaigns from advertising personal loans, to their community outreach, to their new mobile app. And on every campaign, we ensure that their customers know, recognize, and trust the brand message. Their ads run in multiple sizes, across all different technology and it’s our job to make sure that none of those ads falter and all are scaling and animating appropriately.