Case study on a happy client: Nike

Who isn’t familiar with this world-famous athletic brand? Nike’s ads fit perfectly with their brand aesthetic – pops of colour, minimal gimmicks, and lots of action shots. These ads, for us, come down to making use of their video and timing it to make the action shots as effective as possible. Nike is a presence in nearly every sporting event from your niece’s football game to watching your favourite pros compete in the big league. Sports brings countries together. It unites people, families, hemispheres, and strangers with one common interest. Anytime we get to help Nike spread their message, we get very excited.

Bold animation, clear imagery, and tactical brand placements are key to the performance of any banner campaign. Nike leaves no box unchecked. Their banners use their elements, assets, and brand reputation perfectly. It results in what we think is some of the best brand awareness campaigns we have ever produced. Their campaigns make sure to portray the championship side of sports. What we especially love about their brand is the depiction of the other side of sports, the sweat, the practice, the running, the training, the accessibility of greatness. Nike is a brand that is built to appeal to the pros, the amateurs; the weekend joggers and the marathon runners – with no distinction between them. Nike is for those who try, who find some part of themselves in their sport and who relentlessly pursue it. We at TBM channel our passion into each design we do, and we love sharing that passion with another brand that is based on that very concept. And of course, when you combine flawless sports photography with their ever-present logo and copy, you get Nike magic.