Case study on a happy client: Sainsbury’s

Oh, Sainsbury’s. Where do we even begin!? We’ve been fortunate enough to work on so many campaigns with Sainsbury’s that it’s getting hard to count. Each one has brought something so unique to the table, with Sainsbury’s signature photography, copy, and character, we couldn’t pick a favourite even if we tried. Sainsbury’s campaigns have ranged from rich, dynamic builds, to standard builds – and we’ve been with them every step of the way!

One of the most creative and challenging banner sets that we’ve had the pleasure of creating was their QI recipe ads. These interactive ads featured three selected products on a dinner plate. Each product was clickable and when clicked, would overtake the dinner plate, while giving facts and recipes for that certain product. This interactive campaign pushed our developers in so many ways! First, in order to make the appropriate food item open, they had to design with pixel-perfect layouts. We also had to make separate renders for each food item, which made it imperative that we pay extra attention to the colouring of each render so that the ad looked cohesive from start to finish, no matter which food was selected.

Christmas is a very special time of year – especially at Sainsbury’s! We’ve been part of so many impressive campaigns celebrating the holiday season. Most of these have featured cocktails, desserts, and festive bakings in smartly positioned, on-brand photography. We also got to do a whole set of festive banners around Sainsbury’s own animated Christmas short, “The Greatest Gift.” We created a set of banners that showcased some of the characters in fitting Christmas settings, as well as a masthead banner that showed the viewer the entire short. Heartwarming, festive, and like a cup of hot cocoa for the eyes, Sainsbury’s nails their holiday campaigns every single year.









TU is Sainsbury’s in-house clothing brand. Though they are the same company, Sainsbury’s has done an astounding job at taking the branding for TU into an entirely different space from the rest of their marketing – and we’ve been only too glad to help! TU operates in more of a sleek, minimal, high-fashion photography style, with an even more direct message. These banner ads often feature more premium and sophisticated animations that focus on the details of the clothing and the movement in the advertisement itself.