Top class agencies we work with: The Corner London

Like ourselves, The Corner London is a scrappy, London based advertising agency who’s got a lot of fight and twice as much soul. I’d love to steal facts from their Wikipedia page but, not unlike The Bannermen, they do not have one – ain’t nobody got time for that!

TCL is a self-proclaimed “modern agency for modern times” and we couldn’t agree more.  With brands like Adidas, Relish, Blu and London Pride, it is obvious that these guys are not afraid of embracing new concepts and technologies. All this modern-ness has got them slamming Mad Men stereotypes like the Mad Men slammed whisky before noon. Their collaborative nature ensures that our perfectly produced banners slip seamlessly into the larger vision they have for their clients from comms planning, to content and social media and UX design.  Their bold tag-line of ‘No matter what, we will’, is slightly confusing, and somewhat terrifying just like advertising itself. And you know what? We dig it!