Case study on a happy client: Three mobile network provider











We love creating ads with a little glitz and grit. And that’s exactly what Three ads are every time! Whether it’s a top-secret launch – like Three & – or launching a responsive creative through DoubleClick Studio and their dynamic campaign offering, we’re always doing something crazy with Three! They really let us flex our tech muscles, often using geo-targeting abilities or combining video and animation for a great ad experience. Instead of serving the same headline (‘Blackspot Banisher’) across the whole of the UK, they allowed us to help them design a campaign that was designed to react dynamically, and serve a different, location-specific headline, tailored to where it was being viewed. For example, people viewing the banner in Leeds would see one version, while someone else viewing the banner at the same time in Birmingham would see a completely different version. Since tailored creatives have 10-20 times higher click-through rates than regular creative, you can bet that these units played out extremely well for the client! To make this magic happen, we leveraged the magic of DoubleClick Studio and their geolocation, dynamic campaign offering. Working across multiple spreadsheets and innumerable dynamically generated units, we managed to produce a premium looking campaign that was far and away better looking and more successful than your run of the mill banner campaigns.