Top class agencies we work with: Wieden & Kennedy

Being an independent company that is autonomously owned, we take huge pleasure teaming up with like-minded independents. Wieden+Kennedy is an independent American advertising agency best known for its work for NIKE. Founded by Dan Wieden and David Kennedy, and headquartered in Portland, Oregon, it is one of the largest independently owned advertising agencies in the world.

Our creative director, Ian Bowles, cut his designer chops with W+K in the early naughties, so not a little of TBM success is owed to this iconic agency. As trendsetters in the creative sphere, W+K are known for hard-hitting visuals and stellar branding. Their work with NIKE is world renowned, even bagging them an Emmy for the production of the 1999 “The Morning After”. Yes. You heard that right, an Emmy. Did you even know there were Emmy’s for Advertising? (No). Was it invented simply as a nod to W+K greatness? (Possibly).

Although we have yet to visit their Portland offices (our bags are packed, and we can leave at any time though!), we have often graced the halls of their London office and always enjoy collaborating with their team on this side of the pond. With a relationship that stretches back to the time before The Bannermen had even begun, we consider these guys some of our oldest friends (seriously, just say the word and we will be on the first plane to Portland).