All About HTML5 Animated Banner Ads


We’re huge advocates of incorporating banner ads into your digital marketing campaign. And we love it when clients come to us for animated banner ads.

Adding animation to your HTML5 banner ads only takes one good image or graphic and then layering another great thing on top! While online digital banner ads have the ability to increase brand awareness and purchase intent on their own, adding a layer of animation makes good HMTL5 banner ads into GREAT banner ads.



HTML5 animated banner ads do one thing very well: they set your brand apart from the crowd. Amid all the information and distractions in the digital arena, animation can draw and hold user attention better than other static banners or still advertisements. Animation can also make an impact on your audience, making your brand and product more memorable and easier to recall when making a purchase. The difference can even be up to 4.5 more effective than static ads!

Animation, true to the name, animates your brand assets so that the most important aspects of your ad and brand stand out and enjoy a life of their own. Furthermore, animation is more visually engaging, reinforcing your brand and purpose in the minds and memories of your clients.


HMTL5 Animated Banner Ads showcase Your Brand’s Creativity

Too often, brands don’t show their full creative potential in their digital marketing campaigns. When creativity is what can make an ad shine and cement it into the minds of people who see it, even with the possibility to spark conversation, why not use all the creativity you’ve got!? To top it all off, the limitations in animation are pretty much only your imagination. So shoot for the sky!


HTML5 Banners Aren’t Being Used Enough!

We obviously think animation is amazing because it is! But it’s still a fairly underused tool in the online banner ad game meaning that animated banner ads aren’t being used as often as they could be! Which makes your HTML5 animated banner ad one of a few. This makes it even easier for your creative to pop off the screen and be remembered by users. This is especially true if your brand is built on a tell-tale character or line movement. Incorporating those baked-in brand assets is a sure way to make your animated banner ad make the biggest splash in the digital arena.


Online Web Banners Are Timeless

Building an HTML5 animated banner on your brand assets is obviously a smart marketing move, but there’s another pro: timelessness! All of those beautifully and thoughtfully animated ads will have so much life in them. Depending on whether or not you’re advertising a limited offer or a core product, you will be able to serve your digital display animated ads for as long as they are relevant after development.


Animated HTML5 Banners Are Unique and Engaging

Possibly the biggest draw for HTML5 animated banner ads is their increased conversion rates. As conversion rates are the goal of pretty much any campaign, animated banner ads can increase conversions by up to 73%! This is most likely due to the fact that the entry point you’re offering to your brand is unique and engaging. Content that is more custom than standard always gets better results! Users remember things better that evoke emotions. Especially positive ones that come with being entertained or finding something ridiculously cute. As animations can share a story in a more compelling and memorable way, they help your users feel better identified and spoken to.


HTML5 Banners Have a Higher Conversion Rate

According to Peter Roesler of Web Marketing Pros, “Animated creatives averaged 7 percent higher conversation rates. Similarly, animated ads with 6-9 seconds of animation (including loops) averaged the highest rates among animated creatives and saw conversion rates that were 138 percent higher”.



As many benefits as there are to HTML5 animated ads, there is a drawback. HTML5 banner ads are not easy to produce unless you have an experienced animator to work withexperts just like TBM. It takes an experienced animator/developer—or both! —to pull off an online animated ad that can work within regular advertising file size limits and across all browsers.

Speaking of browsers, internet speeds and browsers also matter greatly when serving animated ads to publishers’ websites. Slower internet connections or really outdated browsers can ruin the animation or not even play it at all.

But we can do so many different things with HTML5 and animation, just take a look here!

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