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Online checkouts with endless fields to be filled in are sometimes the only things that stand between you and your dreams. Or that dream item you’re trying to order. We’re big fans of anything to make online life easier—especially from a secure and trusted source. Enter Mastercard’s Pay by Bank app!

We were tasked to help bring five creative routes to life for this awareness campaign, each showcasing a different aspect of the app. Each route was to have an animation that mirrored or enhanced the messaging; from a magnifying glass/bubble effect to copy that swipes as quickly as items in a checkout line to Star Wars-esque rotated copy, this campaign has it all!

A good day for us here at TBM is any day we get to really flex our animating chops. Except for the Security route that was done with a sprite sheet to maximize animation and file size, all of these snappy units were coded with pure TBM brainpower. A collaborative effort between our team members and animation libraries, these units came in under file size with the exact animation the client was looking for. All in a day’s work.

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